10 fascinating facts about Space that you need to know

We could like to share 10 space facts that you might not know.

There is more water on Europa than Earth

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Data acquired by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft suggests that there is up to three times more water under the surface of Saturn’s moon Europa than on Earth.

The Space Shuttle is no more

Space Facts

NASA has closed the space shuttle programme. NASA’s youngest Space Shuttle, Endeavour, flew its last mission in May 2011. It is now on display at the California Space Centre in USA.

Betelguese could go supernova

Space Facts

The red super giant star Betelguese is due to die at any moment. This event would be phenomenal. We would get to witness a object in the sky comparable to the size and brightness of a Full Moon.

You can visit the Space as a Tourist

Space facts

Virgin Galactic set to take tourists into space. From late 2012 Spaceport America began hosting the first-ever space tourism flights courtesy of Virgin Galactic. It has 400 accepted reservations already on the books.

A soup can’s worth of a neutron star would weigh more than the Moon itself

Space Facts

A neutron star is formed when a star of between eight and ten solar masses dies. A teaspoon of it would weigh more than everyone on Earth, while a soup can would weigh more than the Moon.

World’s biggest telescope array set for completion

Space Facts

In 2012 the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile was completed and consist of 66 twelve-metre and seven-metre diameter radio telescopes. It will be the biggest until the completion of the Square Kilometre Array in 2019.

The moon is moving away

Space Facts

The Moon has been moving 38 millimetres away from the Earth every year since its formation.

Humans are going to Mars

Space Facts

NASA and Lockheed Martin hope to send humans to Mars by 2035 with the jointly created Orion spacecraft.

The sun loses a billion kilograms every second

Space Facts


The sun burns through a billion kilograms of its own mass each second. That works out at about three Empire State Buildings every second!

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