10 Tips For Online Shopping To Grab Better Deals

If you are new to online shopping then you might have these questions in your mind.

Can I bargain?

Online Shopping

Just bought something and suddenly found a cheaper deal on a different website? Then try complaining to the
retailer – a short email will suffice. If the retailer offered a ‘best price guarantee’ you’re in luck as the small print will show that they have to match the other price. If no such guarantee was offered, the retailer may still subtract the difference as a gesture of goodwill particularly if you have shopped there before.

How can I lower the Price?

Online Shopping

Many online shops offer vouchers that can save you 10-20%. It’s even worth typing the website’s name along with the word “voucher” into a search engine. You enter the voucher code at the checkout immediately prior to paying. And if a product you want has been in your basket for a few days, the retailer may even offer you a discount under its own initiative.

Can I save on repeat purchases?


Yes – particularly on household essentials. If you can predict when you’ll need more coffee, razors, etc try using Amazon’s ‘Subscribe’ feature to automate the repurchasing process. Not only will it save you time in the future (and decrease the risk you’ll be stuck with an unwanted beard), you’ll also get a better price while online shopping than if you were to buy them on a one-off basis. In India, Simple answer is – No.

What about those last minute offers in online shopping?


“Ten people are looking at this product!”; “Only three items left!”
Retailers use messages like these to urge the customer to buy as quickly as possible. However, you should never buy under pressure.

This is especially true with online shopping for holiday packages. It’s often far cheaper to put the elements together yourself. Contrary to what they would have you believe, the best hotel room rates are not always available through third parties, while hotels themselves often reserve their best rooms and room upgrades for those customers booking direct.

How can I save on Shipping?


Many stores offer free shipping to customers who spend a certain amount. If you’re falling short of that minimum, think about other items you may need that you can purchase ahead of time. This is especially true for online shopping during Diwali

Can I rely on Reviews?


Be careful: up to 30% of all customer reviews of products are fake. Some online retailers such as Amazon flag up feedback from customers who have actually bought the product as “verified”. You can usually trust these.

Do I need to read the small print?

Online Shopping

Skimming past the terms and conditions can prove to be very expensive. For example, cheap car hire deals can also come packaged with high excesses. Write the car off, and in extreme circumstances you could end up paying for a new one. This is also true while you try to avail discount offers which claim of giving you XX% cashback while online shopping.

What is the best day to buy a Airline Ticket?

The old adage that buying a flight on a Tuesday would save you money is now a thing of the past. The Airlines Reporting Corporation studied hundreds of millions of tickets bought around the world last year to see the new trends.

Online Shopping

Their conclusion? There is no longer a ‘best’ day. Tuesdays are no cheaper than other days, but flights become markedly more expensive when booked on a Friday.

What does my phone say about my income?

Online Shopping

Did you know that online retailers can find out what device and browser you’re using when visiting their sites? That means it’s possible that iPhone users will be shown a higher price: rightly or wrongly, some retailers assume that customers with Apple products have more disposable income – or at least spend more of it. If you want to see if this is happening to you, try visiting a website using more than one device.

How can I avoid surge/dynamic pricing?

Online Shopping

Sometimes the online website or seller who happen to have your browsing history which our beloved Google sells to them, Surge the price of a particular item of commodity which you searched for repeatedly and it is quite evident that you want to buy that.

You may be able to beat the retailers at their own game. Follow these tips:

1. Clear your browsing history and cookies.

2. Log out of all social media accounts.

3. Switch to private browsing.

Good luck!

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