Qualifications to become a MP (Member of Parliament) in India

Qualifications to be elected as MP

There are qualifications that a Citizen needs to fulfil in order to be eligible to contest general elections in India to be elected as a Member of Parliament. The Qualifications to become a MP are –

  1. The candidate must be a Citizen of India.
  2. He must take an oath of affirmation before the person authorized by the election commission in which he swears to bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of India and to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India.
  3. He must not be less than 30 years of age in case of the Rajya Sabha and not less than 25 years of age in case of the Lok Sabha
  4. He must possess the additional qualifications prescribed by the Parliament.

The additional qualifications laid down by the Parliament in the ‘Representation of People Act (1951)’ are

  1. The candidate must be registered as an elector for a particular constituency. This applies to both the houses of the parliament.
  2. He must be a member of a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe in any state or union territory if he wants to contest a seat reserved for them. However, a member of a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe can also contest for a seat not reserved for them.

In this article we have explained What leads to disqualification of a MP in India.



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