What did Apple do to its App Store?

The Apple App Store, now with more than 2 million apps, has long been the source of complaints from users who say the store can be cluttered by useless, broken, or otherwise outdated apps that make it difficult to find some of the great apps.


Apple listened and implemented two suggestions from its developer community. First, Apple is going to limit app names to 50 or fewer characters.

In announcing these changes, the company notes that some developers attempted to influence search results by using extremely long app names that include descriptions and terms not related to the app. Second, it’s implementing an ongoing process for evaluating apps to spot ones that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or haven’t been supported with compatibility updates for a long time.

If the App Store team finds an app that falls into those categories, it will notify the app’s developers and ask them to make changes. They’ll have 30 days to make changes, or their app will be removed until they submit an update and it’s approved.

Even if an app is removed from the App Store, users will be able to use the app and even buy in-app purchases. Apple notes that apps that crash on launch will be removed immediately.

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