These Apple Products have a flawed Design.

Apple is a company that usually pays minute detail to design of their products. In the last half decade or so, Apple’s objectives seem to have shifted from providing products with flawless design to only minting money. Here are some examples

  1. Magic Mouse Charger


  1. AppleYou cannot use the mouse while charging it. The Magic mouse needs to be kept in a weird position while charging it. It is a poorly designed 80$ product.
  2. iPencil

First of all, “Who needs a Stylus”. That is what Apple supremo Steve Jobs said few years back when asked about competitors using them. The iPencil has to be plugged in to the Lightning connector on the iPad in this vulnerable position.

3. Connecting the iPhone 7 to new Macbook Pro


You need a separate connector even to plug in the Apple iPhone 7 to the Apple Macbook Pro 2016. The company which boasts of seamless integration between its products should have thought of making a single cable for this task.

4. Camera Hump


The protruding camera on the Apple iPhone ensures that the phone ‘Rocks’ when kept on a table. Apple’s competitors like Google have ensured that their products don’t have such design flaws. Infact even Chinese companies like Xiaomi have nullified the camera hump from their flagship devices. In my opinion, Apple could have made the phone thicker and added a larger battery which would also conceal the camera hump.

5. Removal of SD Card Adapter Slot

Majority content producers, Photographers, Youtubers prefer Macbooks over Windows based laptops for various reasons. Almost every camera that is used by these professionals has a Micro SD Card which stores all the data. Removal of the SD Card slot just made it more inconvenient to transfer media from the Camera to the Macbook Pro.

6. Removal of the headphone Jack

We wrote about it in detail in this article. Removal of the Headphone jack has simply increased the woes of majority customers. If your phone’s battery runs low and you want to listen to music – then you are screwed as long as you are not carrying their proprietary connector.

7. The New Macbook Pro makes you look like an Octopus

You need to buy dongles and connectors for every single device, They removed the Mag Safe charger. I appreciate that Apple is trying to make their machines future proof by providing USB Type C connectors, But at the same time just causing inconvenience to their customers by removing useful ports and selling them as dongles is not something that suits a Tech Giant like Apple.

Let us know your views about these, If you have any suggestions or questions then drop them in the comments below.

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