Apple Macbook Pro 2016 – Review

Macbook Air was the benchmark for balancing a laptop with mobility, price and epic battery. Its design and display has not changed for around half a decade now. Enters the Macbook Pro 2016.

Macbook Pro

The Macbook pro is as thin as Apple users are asking for! It has a much nicer display and much better specs without any sacrifice in portability

What this computer represents is the professionalisation of the 12 inch Macbook from last year. The design is a perfect match for a Macbook, right down to the metal bottom of the display, the grey colour option and the Apple logo on the back that no longer illuminates.

There is almost no variety as far as the ports are concerned on this laptop! You get a headphone jack on to the right. Two USB Type C connections on the left. There have been a ton of compromises, we no longer have a micro SD card slot.

Macbook Pro SD Card

However Apple was kind enough to let the headphone jack live. Plugging in a Iphone to the new Macbook requires a separate adapter. Apple also killed the Magsafe charger which was one of the utilities that many Macbook Pro users used to like.

Macbook Pro

You no longer have the handy magnetic latching, nor does the new charger have any LED notification light. The new stiff charger connector is much harder to attach and detach. If you can get over the loss of all variety of ports from your laptop, Then this Macbook Pro is a classic work of aluminium from Apple.

Macbook Pro

The hinge is strong and just glides open. The bezels around the display are tiny. There are stereo speakers near the keyboard which fire good sound.

The new touchpad is just enormous. That touchpad may look excessive, but it is one of the most attractive and handy features in this laptop. Apple was always known for making good quality touchpads, it also has force touch functionality.

Macbook Pro Touch Pad

The keyboard has an upgraded version of Apple’s ‘butterfly mechanism’ and it has a much better feel. However many might never like the short key travel and I myself happen to be one of them.

The biggest update with this Macbook Pro is the display which is just stunning. It has a wider colour gammit and looks great from literally any angle. In technical terms it has 67% greater contrast and brightness. Photographers will love this display for editing.

Macbook Pro Display

The Macbook Pro’s performance wont let you down either as it handles both Photoshop and lightroom nicely. This might look like the ultraportable but undepowered Macbook Air but in reality it is a pretty powerful machine compared to them.

Another area where the Macbook Pro shines is the battery life, it lasts anywhere from 8 to 10 hours on a single charge. However you might get less battery life if you do more performance intensive tasks. The battery lasts consistently longer than most other competitors.

Macbook Pro batttery

The Macbook Pro 2016 has all the strengths of a typical Apple Product. Great industrial design and touchpad ergonomics, reliable performance and good battery life. But it has also taken away user friendly features like many different types of connectors and the Magsafe charger.

Macbook Pro

With Windows rivals catching up fast and the Macbook Pro costing 1499$ as a starting price, You wont regret to give Dell, Lenovo and HP a shot before deciding to buy the new Macbook Pro.

If you are determined to stick with macOS, then this Macbook Pro is the obvious and easy choice for you. It is also much better and powerful than your previous Macbook.

Macbook Pro

You might also have the subtle temptation to get your hands on the more advanced variant of the Macbook Pro which as the new touch bar, but that model has not yet started shipping so we cannot say much about it.

Macbook Pro

So to sum it up, The new Macbook is a beautifully designed machine which is ultra portable and gives good battery life. This machine is not for everyone, If you are a gamer then you will never even think of Apple products and that is the reason why we did not focus much in that aspect.

Let us know about what you feel about the new Macbook and if you have any suggestions then please drop them in the comments below.

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