Explained – What is ‘Google Home’?

Google has defined ‘Google Home’ as a voice activated speaker powered by Google Assistant which responds to our voice requests like playing music or a video from websites like Youtube.

Google Home Features

It also has the capability to answer our questions regarding the weather, traffic, finance, sports, business and many more topics.


Google has claimed that this product can also set alarms and timers, retrieve our flight information or other data about our traffic schedules.

They are also providing the functionality to turn the lights on or off and to control the air conditioning system in our house.


Google Home was designed with a microphone system for accurate far field voice recognition. Google claims to have simulated thousands of noisy environments and applied machine learning to recognize patterns that would allow Google to filter and separate speech from noise.


The speaker in Google Home contains a forward facing high excursion active driver with dual side facing passive radiators. Google play supports the following music streaming services.


The unit has touch controls on the top surface and comes with a mute button can be used to put the assistant on standby.


Google Home is the rival of a similar product named ‘Amazon Echo’ which has a personal assistant ‘Alexa’ which was launched last year. The Google Home is available in seven different colours as shown in the image below, some of which have fabric bases while others have metallic ones, The bases are readily interchangeable.


This product is expected to be on the shelves of stores 4th November, 2016 onwards with a price tag of $130.

Finally we are seeing the successful development and demonstration of general purpose ‘Artificial Intelligence’ also known as ‘AI’. Google has said that they want their assistant to develop an ’emotional connection’ with the users unlike competitors like Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.


Let us hope that this turns out to be a revolutionary product. Please let us know your view and opinions about the ‘Google Home’ in the comments section down below.

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