How to flash Fastboot ROM [All Xiaomi devices]


Many people are getting trouble/error while flashing Fastboot ROM in Xiaomi devices like ‘unspecified error(0x8004005)’ something like this.


So here is the solution of Soft brick,Hard brick and how to solved it using Fastboot Rom.

If your device bootloader is locked then please unlock the bootloader, here is the process to unlock bootloader How to unlock bootloader
This process is only for devices with unlocked bootloader

You will get error if you haven’t installed Fastboot drivers fastboot drivers

Steps to Flash Fastboot ROM

  1. First of all download Mi flash tool,install it, choose “install this driver software anyway ” if they ask during installation.
  2. Now download Fastboot ROM from here Fastboot rom (see the device list and choose your device Rom only)
  3. Extract that folder anywhere ,rename the folder without giving space. for example “Miui8”
  4. Now put that folder in any drive ,which has no space like “drive(D):” , Please don’t paste those file in any sub folder which has space in folder name.
  5. Now go the installed mi flash tool folder,and open it (local disk(c) >program file(x86) or program files> Xiaomi>mi phone)
  6. Select “Browse” option on top left side,fasbtootmiuifastboot2
  7. Now select your fastboot rom folder from the directory., now see in above screenshot.there is no space in my directory ,put your fastboot files like that , Select images folder of your main folder ,don’t select main folder, there is another folder. select directory like above screenshot.
  8. Now turn off your device and hold volume down and power button together,your device will boot into fastboot mode.
  9. And press on “Refresh” option in mi flash tool, now you can see your device name there.
  10. Make sure you have selected “Flash all” option below , like below image.
  11. Now select “Flash ” Option, process will start automatically (If get any error please check 2 thing “1.your selected root directory should be without space, 2.make sure you have installed Fastboot drivers)  now just wait 5-10 minute.your device will automatically restart.
  12. Done,congratulation you have successfully unlocked your device.


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