Google Now Launcher to be discontinued by the end of Q1 2017

Its been a moment that all of us have been enjoying the minimalist stock Android like experience on the Google Now Launcher. The launcher was launched at the time of Android Lollipop. The Google Now Launcher was last updated in September 2015, still it happens to run smoothly on almost every device without any bugs.

Google NowAndroid Police has reported that Google has been sending Emails to let them know the Now launcher will be removed from the Play Store as well as the GMS package in Q1 of 2017. However, the company notes that those who still want the search and card feed you get when swiping right on the Android home screen can get that using the “Search Launcher” app that is found in GMS.

Many companies that make Android Phones include their own custom skin. Most of the times these custom skins are not upto the mark and users resort to custom launchers like the Google Now launcher and Nova Launcher. Google Now was one of the most minimalist and stable launchers which provided stock Android like experience on every device.

Google NowMany launchers aren’t optimal. Often, they make the smartphone slow or they do not provide the best tools to bring order to the chaos of the installed apps. Alternative launchers were made exactly for this reason. Google’s free Now Launcher also became a popular way to optimize smartphones later due to its simplicity.

Google might make the Pixel Launcher available for all smartphones soon. Let us all hope that Google comes up with a stable alternative for this change.

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