How to unlock Bootloader xiomi redmi note 3

here is the most easy way to unlock your bootloader . follow the steps carefully.

Before doing this process please install fastboot drivers

Step 1. request for unlocking bootloader Here  , click on “unlock now”

Step 2. You’ll see a login page in the next page which is in Chinese. If you use Google Chrome to open the page, then you can simply use its built-in Google Translate feature.


Step 3: Once you logged in your current mi account, you’ll see the Unlock Application Permissions page.

Step 4:Now simply fill in all required fields then click on that green “Apply Immediately” button.


Type in your reason to unlock your device in Chinese language. Use Google Translate for that. Also, make sure that the characters are not more than 10 Chinese character. Quick template for the reason:

我的手机是砖砌在启动循环模式。请批准我的请求开锁。which translates to “My phone is bricked in boot loop mode. Please approve my unlocking request.” in English.

Step 5: In the next page, you’ll need to enter a verification code sent to you via SMS, check your message box, and enter that code “within 5 minute”

Note: it will take some time (server slow)

you will see message like this.



You will get bootloader unlock approval within 10 days.


Steps after getting bootloader unlock approval message..

Step 6: download mi bootloader unlock tool  from  Here “unlocker”

extract it.

Step 7: install that tool in your PC ,login via current mi account (unlock bootloader permission approved account)

you will see page like this


Step 8: now turn off your device , and then hold volume down and power button (at same time),your device will open in fastboot mode.(hope so you have a installed fastboot drivers in your pc ,otherwise you will get an error during unlock )

Step 9: after booting in fastboot mode ,connect your device with pc ,and press “Unlock” button. that’s it..

wait for popup message like “unlocked successfully”


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