What if all ice on earth melted?

If all ice on Earth melted, the sea level would rise by about 80 m. A complete deglaciation would, however, require a warmer world than the present one. In addition to the 80 m, we would see another up to 30 m rise due to thermal expansion of water: the fact that warm water takes up more space than cold.


If the sea level rose by 80 m, it would.have a huge effect on the world map. If it happened overnight, it would directly affect about 50% of the world population. The remaining 50 % would suddenly have to find room for 3.5 billion homeless people.

Nearly 99 % of the world’s ice is tied up in three large ice caps. The Greenland ice sheet accounts for about 7 m of sea level rise.Western Antarctica about 8 m. Whereas the remaining 65 m exists in Eastern Antarctica.


Earth’s ice caps comprise 80+ m of sea level rise – which would have disastrous consequences for major parts of Europe.

If the three ice caps were to melt, the water levels would not rise equally much everywhere. Due to gravity from the ice caps, which displaces Earth’s gravitational field, meltwater from Greenland will flow to the Southern Pacific. whereas melt water from Antarctica makes water levels rise in Europe, North America, etc.


According to the UN climate panel, temperatures need only rise by 1-4 degrees as compared to the present before all of Greenland’s ice sheet could disappear in no more than 1,000 years.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we take appropriate steps so as to curb global warming.

Let us gradually move to renewable energy resources as source of energy and contribute towards saving out planet earth


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