Why is LG G6 expected to be the ‘Coolest Phone Ever’?

LG trolled its competitor the other day in their conference by assuring that ‘Our phones won’t blow up’. The LG G6 promises to be the ‘coolest’ phone launched till date.

Last year LG tried to woo the market with the modular LG G5. However that phone got a mixed response from the market and was not that well received. There were some quality control issues. Controversies regarding the primer around the metal body of the phone tarnished its reputation.

LG is said to be using Copper heat pipes that have high thermal conductivity to remove excess heat from the phone. This technique is similar to that used in our laptops. The same report claimed LG is trying to keep the heat generating parts away from each other to avoid excessive heatingLG G6


An LG Electronics official is reported to have told the Korean Herald that they will significantly improve the safety of their device. LG G6 is also reported to have passed many anti puncture and anti shock tests. LG also claimed through a video that the phone is set to be waterproof.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 also has a liquid cooling mechanism. Infact even the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a similar liquid cooling system. The LG G6 is expected to launch in the Mobile World Congress next month. It will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4gb RAM and a 18:9 Aspect Ratio display.

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