Microsoft’s October 2016 Event Analysed

It has been a great fiscal year for Microsoft so far. Windows 10 could offer what its predecessor could not. Things are going pretty smooth for the American tech giant so far.

Some new announcements were made in Microsoft’s October 2016 Event.

Microsoft Surface Studio

The Microsoft Surface Studio was the biggest highlight of this event. It is a sleek and thin desktop computer made by Microsoft with a 4K display. It has a 28 inch Pixel-sense display.


It is powered by a Intel i7 and a Nvidia Geforce 980M. The Microsoft Surface Studio has a hinge that allows it to swivel around. It can be brought to the form factor of a drawing board using that hinge.

This product is priced at $2999. This product is certainly not aimed at the normal consumer who cares about specifications. Microsoft has tried to impress the content creators and artists with the Surface Studio.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft announced what they called the ‘Windows 10 Creators Update’. It is quite evident that Windows 10 is the platform that Microsoft wants to stick to for a long period of time. The update adds multiple 3D creation tools


The Microsoft Windows 10 Creators update will roll out in 2017 as a free update to its 400 million customers. Many content creators prefer Apple products for multiple reasons moreover changes might be seen provided that Microsoft delivers with its products.

Microsoft Paint 3D

Finally, our beloved Paint app has been revamped. The new Paint app will let users turn images into what Microsoft calls ‘3D memories’. We can make custom Emojis using this feature. Users can share their 3D work on a community online.

Megan Sanders demonstrated the new feature using 3D scan of a sandcastle on stage. Microsoft might want to increase the user base of Holo Lens and other Augmented Reality and Virtual reality products by introducing 3D content creation applications

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