Best value for money – Oneplus 3T Review

The rumours turned out to be true, Oneplus 3T is out and here we have all that you need to know.
oneplusOneplus 3 offered more value for money than any other smartphone in the market. It had hardware specifications on par with most other flagships which costed twice its price. Oneplus 3 also had probably the best charging mechanism we ever saw in a smartphone – Dash Charging.
camera-bumpOneplus has decided to replace the Oneplus 3 with the Oneplus 3T. It comes with better specifications and is priced higher.The 3T is only sold in a gun metal colour with a soft gold colour option coming soon
The Oneplus 3T sports a improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. It has a 12% larger battery and a slightly improved selfie camera. The physical characteristics of both the devices are exactly same.
Boot time on the Oneplus 3T is around 10-12 seconds faster than the Oneplus 3. White balance is on the cold side but it can be adjusted.
The camera bump still exists, But it can be hidden using a external case.
The alert slider comes handy when it comes to toggle the phone to silent mode. The speaker sits at the bottom of the phone next to the USB Type C port. We do have a 3.5mm headphone jack.
3TThe main camera can shoot raw images. The shutter delay in the front camera is noticeable owing to the bigger megapixel count. Surprisingly there are no major improvements in the front camera. It struggles with focus many a times. However the selfie camera does have a slightly shallower depth of field.
There are some minor improvements in the User Interface, The recently closed Apps drawer has been removed. This feature in the Oneplus 3 had gained a lot of appreciation.
Oneplus has not increased the pixel count, Still the 1080p Amoled panel is impressive. It has awesome viewing angles and works perfectly fine under direct sunlight.
recently-closed-apps-drawerOneplus has been consistently bumping price of their devices. It will be interesting to see how do the buyers react to this. In our opinion, Even after bumping up the price of the devices, They offer excellent bang for the buck.

Its worth giving a try if you are looking forward to buy a high end phone.

You can use the link below to buy the Oneplus 3T from Amazon.

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