How secure is Whatsapp? – Are your personal chats really safe?

Here is the proper and real information about whatsapp that you don’t should know this.

You must be using the world’s most popular messaging application – Whatsapp? It now boasts of end-to-end encryption and promises complete privacy to its users.


Over a billion people over the globe use Whatsapp to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. It is estimated that over 400 crore messages are sent over Whatsapp server on daily basis and that number is going on increasing with time


How does Whatsapp encrypt messages?

Whatsapp uses the open source signal protocol to encrypt communication. From a technical point of view, the signal protocol involves an asymmetrical encryption procedure with a public key infrastructure.

The key pairs that are necessary for encryption and decryption are generated when the Whatsapp client is installed on the smartphone.


When a user logs into the Whatsapp system, the public keys are stored on a Whatsapp server,

Whatsapp servers cannot access the private keys which are locally stored on the smartphone – this means that the users do not have to enter or remember the private keys, the smartphone itself becomes ‘key’.

Whatsapp encrypts all data from text to voice messages and also the calls made using this app.

Before the first message is exchanged, the smartphone clients of the chat partners exchange the public keys to agree upon a common root key and a serial key


The serial key is then used to generate a separate temporary key for each message. As in this case, the keys are permanently being replaced – a hacker who knows individual keys will not be able to decrypt past or future messages

This encryption system of Whatsapp is considered to be secure since nobody has reported any loopholes in it as of now. In addition to actual contents of the messages, Whatsapp also encrypts metadata.


Metadata contains information regarding who is communicating with whom and for how long. There are other crypt0-messengers as well like Telegram which offer similar security along with additional features which you might want to try out

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